Biscoe + Stanton Architects was initially commissioned to produce a 5 year Development Plan for Colfe's School in Lee, south-east London. The first phases of this Plan were an extension to the School, followed by an extension to the existing Performing Arts Centre. A brief for versatile exhibition and performance spaces, combined with new arts and music departments, effectively doubled the Centre's size. Biscoe + Stanton's response was to design an exciting new contemporary building alongside the existing building and linked to it by a dramatic double height glazed entrance atrium. 

The new building contains north lit art rooms, a photographic studio, music practice rooms and a major performance space. Movable walls allow the principal spaces to be opened up and adapted to display exhibitions, whilst the atrium brings natural light deep into the centre of the building. The atrium acts as entrance, circulation space and a focal point for the Centre as well as providing further space for exhibitions and informal performances. In addition to the new facilities, the new Centre acts as a contemporary symbol for the future development of the school.