Biscoe + Stanton Architects has developed the detailed design and construction information for this project, originally designed to planning consent by Levitt Bernstein.

Brick has been used extensively throughout with contemporary detailing to create a robust , cohesive and harmonious identity which has a scale and sense of domesticity appropriate for a housing scheme. Green and brown roofs and renewable energy sources are used throughout to enable the scheme to achieve Code Level 4.  

The site has been planned to create a sense of community, safety and legibility. Green spaces develop from the private gardens, via a home zone street with shared surfaces and on street parking, to the wider public green space beyond. The houses have been arranged in traditional terraces with modelling to facades and roofs to define individual dwellings. This gives a sense of scale, individual identity and fosters ownership.

The block of flats sits in a similar location to the original St David’s Court providing a buffer between the domestic scale of the houses and the existing flat blocks to the east of the site. The new flat block steps down to the more domestic scale of the houses in the south-eastern part of the site.