Biscoe + Stanton Architects has completed an estate regeneration programme to an affordable housing estate of 220 flats, originally built in the 1920's, in a Conservation Area in Fulham Broadway, West London. The estate is owned by the Southern Housing Group, formerly the Samuel Lewis Trust, and has undergone a complete modernisation programme over a number of years. The improvement works have included complete re-planning and restructuring of all existing blocks to bring them up to current standards, new hard and soft landscaping throughout the estate, and new community facilities. 

A key element in the new facilities is a new multi-purpose community centre  which  was built to replace an ageing existing portakabin. This new building, which was partially funded by Surestart, provides facilities for residents of both the estate and the surrounding area. Residents can use it for educational, social and community functions, and the local community benefits from the childrens’ crèche and related facilities provided by Surestart.